Designed for Wellness

Welcome to Synopsys Designed for Wellness, a program that rewards you for making healthy choices. We want you to become more actively involved in your own health. Synopsys has partnered with Limeade to bring you the Designed for Wellness program and provide resources, tools and health coaching so you can achieve your individual health goals.

The Synopsys Designed for Wellness website provides a range of services and programs, all designed to help you live a healthier life and get rewarded for your participation and maintenance of a healthier lifestyle. The Designed for Wellness website is your gateway to taking a Well-Being Assessment, getting a Know Your Numbers screening and participating in other challenges to support your wellness goals.

Get Ready
How Do I Get Started?
How to Earn Your First 500 Points
Screening Options

Get Ready—The New Program Year Starts May 2

Participate in well-being challenges and activities to earn points—and rewards—through Designed for Wellness.


The Designed for Wellness program features four incentive levels. As you collect more points, you advance to higher levels and receive bigger rewards.

Level Level Name Points Incentive
1 Sprout 500 Medical contribution credit:
  • $260 for employee only
  • $520 for employee and spouse/domestic partner
If you’ve waived Synopsys coverage for 2019, you’ll receive a $100 Gift Card that will be issued in February 2019. Deadline to receive credit or $100 Gift Card is August 10, 2018. After August 10, reach Sprout to earn 50 bonus points and to continue earning other incentives.
2 Grow 1,000 $50 Amazon gift card
3 Thrive 2,000 $100 Amazon gift card
4 Flourish 3,000 Raffle drawing for:
  • 4 x $500 gift cards
  • one year of free health contributions (for medical, dental and vision coverage) for two lucky employees

How Do I Get Started?

To activate your account, go to and select “get started.”

Spouses/partners can create their own account at using your employee number followed by "s" (for spouse) followed by the last four digits of their Social Security number (example: 012345s5678). If you or your spouse/domestic partner do not have a Social Security number, please contact

The Frequently Asked Questions offer additional details.

How to Earn Your First 500 Points

The Well-Being Assessment is an online questionnaire that helps establish a baseline view of your overall health. The questionnaire takes about 10–15 minutes to complete and asks basic health habit and lifestyle questions.

Know Your Numbers includes a simple blood test of your cholesterol and glucose and a measurement of your blood pressure and body composition. Your results are completely confidential.

Complete both your Well-Being Assessment and Know Your Numbers to receive 500 points plus a bonus 50 points. Continue to earn points towards Level 2 and Level 3 incentives.

Screening Options

  1. Go to your doctor. Make an appointment with your doctor by July 27 to ensure that your lab results are processed by the August 10 deadline. If you’re in the Bay Area, you can call Crossover Health at 650-772-6131 or make an appointment online at the Crossover Health Center and receive same-day lab results. If you get your screening at your doctor’s office, you’ll need to print the Health Provider Screening Form, which you can find on the Designed for Wellness website, and have your doctor complete and sign it.
  2. Visit the nearest LabCorp facility. You’ll need to print the LabCorp Voucher, which you can find on the Designed for Wellness website, and have a LabCorp employee complete and sign it.
  3. Self-report your numbers on the Designed for Wellness website.