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Choosing a medical plan

Choosing an HS plan

For more help deciding between the HS Basic, Standard, and Premium plans, consider the following:

If you ⇩

If you ⇩

If you ⇩

Don't anticipate many medical expenses in 2019

Have some money saved for medical expenses, but want to pay less out of pocket for care Don't have a lot saved for medical expenses and want to pay the least out of pocket for care

Want to maximize your tax savings by contributing up to $3,500 (if you have employee-only coverage) or $7,000 (if you cover one or more dependents) to your HSA*

Would like Synopsys to contribute to your HSA ($500 employee-only/ $1,000 employee + 1 or more dependents)

Are looking for the highest contribution from Synopsys to your HSA ($750 employee-only/ $1,500 employee +1 or more dependents)

Consider the HS Basic Plan Consider the HS Standard Plan Consider the HS Premium Plan

* Reflects 2019 HSA contribution limits set by the IRS.

Looking for more details? Check out our 2019 medical plan comparison chart for more specifics about coverage, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and coinsurance costs. Or explore UnitedHealthcare’s Plan Cost Estimator to compare out-of-pocket costs for different health plans you’re considering.

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