Discounts & Other Benefits

As a Synopsys employee, you have access to a variety of services and products to improve your physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

Company Program Contact and Other Information

24 Hour Fitness

Corporate membership—Bay Area

Corporate membership—outside the Bay Area

(800) 224-0240

Bay Area employees
Use code: 96482

Employees outside the Bay Area
Use code: 110501

ALOHA Math, reading, and writing tutoring (925) 236-1668
BeyondWork Discounts on tickets, gifts, and travel (408) 392-9780
BMW Group BMW Corporate Sales View the current monthly incentives, restrictions, terms and conditions, and enter your information to receive your incentive certificate.
Dell Employee purchase program (866) 278-3504
Espresa Synopsys on-site services On-site services for massage, car detailing, yoga, dry cleaning, and many more. Log into Espresa.
GlobalFit Membership discounts (800) 294-1500
HP Discounts on HP products (using company code 1270) (866) 625-3906
Keller Williams Bay Area Estates Assistance with buying/selling a home (408) 615-1000
KeyPoint Credit Union Member financial services (888) 255-3637
Synopsys Mobile/cell phone discounts You will need to be logged in to the Synopsys network to access this information.
Synopsys Purple Perks Discounts on transportation, entertainment, phone plans, and more. Email
Tech CU A credit union for employees of technology-based organizations in California

(800) 553-0880

TicketsatWork Discounts on entertainment Create an account and enter SYNOPSYS as the Company code