Parental Resources

Now more than ever, parents are needing extra support. Synopsys understands this, and to help employees, we’re looking to provide resources and benefits that may relieve some of the stress.

Backup Care

We can all use a little backup support at times. Whether you’re experiencing a breakdown in your normal child care, looking for an afterschool sitter, have adult/elder care needs, or just need someone to walk the dog, we’ve got you covered.

Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons offers two options—Back-Up Care and Additional Family Supports—to assist you across a wide range of backup care and family support needs. The program is available to all regular full-time and part-time employees working 20 hours or more a week.

Bright Horizons Back-Up CareTM

Got a short-term or last-minute need? Bright Horizons offers full-service, subsidized back-up care you can rely on for temporary child care, adult care, and elder care when you need to be at work and your normal arrangement is not available or a need suddenly arises. For example, school is closed for vacation, holidays, or in-service days; your nanny is on vacation; your child is mildly ill, or your parent who lives with you suddenly becomes ill. You can’t use backup care for evening or weekend babysitting services.

You’re eligible for up to 15 backup care days per calendar year for each person needing care. Care is available for your dependent children and immediate family and your spouse’s or domestic partner's immediate family. You pay by credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer (EFT) at the time you make your reservation:

  • For center-based care, you pay $15 per day for one child ($25 for two or more).
  • For in-home care, you pay $6 per hour, for both child and elder care (with a four-hour minimum).

The maximum (15 visits per dependent, per calendar year) applies to both center-based and in-home care.

To use the backup care service, you must register on the Bright Horizons website or mobile app. When registering on the mobile app, enter employer username Synopsys, Password Benefits4You.

Your Employee ID is your personnel number in Synopsys Lookup. This number must be 8 digits, so please begin with zeros if necessary (for example: 00012345).

Bright Horizons Additional Family SupportsTM

Bright Horizons Additional Family Supports is for your personal, anytime needs. This program easily connects you with options for more regular and long-term care needs—as well as care for evenings, weekends and even pets. You make the arrangements directly with providers and pay the provider. Care is not subsidized by Synopsys.

Additional family supports include:

  • Babysitting, nannies, and housekeepers: Waived membership fees ($150 value) for Sittercity’s premium database of sitters and virtual sitting. You can post an ad for a position, search candidates, and perform free basic background checks.
  • Resources for children at home: Keep your kids busy and entertained with educational and arts and crafts projects you can do with them or they can do on their own.
  • Center-based care: Special VIP discounts when you choose a Bright Horizons child care center for your regular ongoing care. You get preferred enrollment and a registration fee credit. At other select partner centers, you receive tuition discounts and won’t have to pay registration fees for your toddler or preschooler.
  • Elder care: Access to Bright Horizons Elder Care, a comprehensive elder care solution that combines a modern, easy-to-use care coordination platform with personalized guidance from expert Care Coaches and a quick connection to backup care.
  • Pet sitters and dog walkers: Access to a comprehensive network of resources for your pet (through Sittercity).
  • Tutoring, test prep, and homework help: Access to high-quality tutoring and test prep services (online or in person) to help your children in grades K-12 succeed.

Watch the Bright Horizons Benefits Overview video or review the Bright Horizons Benefits Overview to learn more. Then visit Bright Horizons to get started.

Neurodiversity and Parenting Support


Parenting can be full of challenges—and it can be even more so when you’re caring for a child who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome or other learning and developmental disabilities.

RethinkCare is a first-of-its-kind program that supports parents and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities by helping them with skill building, positive reinforcement and care coordination. RethinkCare's Parenting Experts can also support parents who are dealing with common issues like potty training, bullying, or test anxiety.

With RethinkCare, you can:

  • Collaborate with and connect all members of your child’s care team (teachers, therapists, medical professionals and family members) through one platform. Each person you “invite” will create his or her own account.
  • Speak with board-certified behavioral therapists, even if your child hasn’t been given a formal diagnosis.
  • Access a comprehensive online treatment courses and over 1,500 two- to six-minute skill-building videos based on proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies that aim to help you improve your child’s social skills, in-classroom behavior and more.
  • Join monthly discussion groups, led by RethinkCare clinicians, where you and other parents can share information, seek support, and talk about common challenges. 
  • Connect to peer support communities within Synopsys.
  • Track your child’s progress using quantifiable metrics provided by Rethink’s automated platform—and then share the progress with your child’s care team.

Sign up today

This program is provided to Synopsys employees and their families at no cost. To sign up, visit the Synopsys RethinkCare website and use signup code “SYNOPSYS” or call 1-800-714-9285.

To access RethinkCare wherever you are, download the RethinkCare mobile app.

College Admissions Support


If you have a college-bound child, check out the free on-demand video library from Collegewise. You’ll find dozens of videos and other resources to help you and your student through the college admissions process, from creating their college wish list to writing their personal statement. If you’re looking for additional guidance, you can get 10% off admissions and essay packages with expert Collegewise counselors.