Fitness Resources

Active&Fit Direct

Exercise is essential to improving your personal health and wellness. But with the high cost of most gym memberships, working out can really hit you in the wallet. With Active&Fit Direct, you can get on your feet and moving toward better health—all at a minimal cost.

Active&Fit gives you access to:

  • 9,300+ on-demand workout videos so you can work out at home or on-the-go
  • Unlimited one-on-one well-being coaching in areas such as fitness, nutrition, stress, and sleep
  • 12,200+ fitness centers and studios, with the ability to change anytime

There is no long-term contract. Your initial payment is $84 ($28 enrollment fee + $28 for current month + $28 for second month), plus applicable taxes. From then on, your monthly fee is only $28, plus applicable taxes. You must enroll for a minimum of three months.

To learn more, review the Active&Fit Direct FAQ. To get started, visit the SharePoint website for the Synopsys Active&Fit link. In addition, promo codes are posted throughout the year to save on the enrollment fee.

HUSK Wellness

If you’re focused on getting and staying fit, you need to strengthen your mind as much as you exercise your body. HUSK Wellness delivers an extensive network of fitness and wellness programs—at discounted prices—to help you approach good health from every angle. 
HUSK Wellness can help you achieve total fitness through these key components:

  • Exercise: Enjoy exclusive membership discounts at more than 9,000 gyms and specialty studios, virtual fitness options, and tools to keep you on track with your fitness goals.
  • Eating: Get discounts on top-ranked nutrition, weight-loss and healthy eating programs; special rates on vitamins, supplements and other healthy food products; and access to a variety of meal plans.
  • Education: Access health coaching, wellness tools and educational resources to help you on your wellness journey, including a monthly newsletter and access to licensed mental health therapists.
  • Energize & Explore: Connect with programs and products that enhance your everyday living and total wellness; deals on travel, vacation and entertainment; and exclusive pricing on spa services, concert tickets, electronics and more.

To learn more and get started, review the HUSK Wellness FAQ. To get started, visit the HUSK Wellness site.