Commuter Benefits

Commuter Spending Account (CSA) Program

The Commuter Spending Account (CSA), administered by HealthEquity, lets you set aside pretax money from your paycheck to pay for qualified transportation expenses you incur while traveling to and from work. If you ride public transportation to work, participate in a vanpooling program, or pay to park your car at work or at a park-and-ride station, this program can help you save money.

Every month, the amount you need to pay for your commute and/or to park can be deducted from your paycheck on a pretax basis, up to $315 per month for transit and up to $315 per month for parking for 2024. Learn more.

How to Enroll

  1. When you’re ready, you can:
    • Enroll from work: Visit the US - Home ( and click on "Benefitsolver."
    • Enroll from home: Log into Benefitsolver with your Benefitsolver username and password. If this is your first time using the portal, select “First Time Here” and register as a new user. Company Key is "Synopsys."
  2. Refer to "HealthEquity: FSA and Commuter Spending Account" in your homepage sidebar to access your Commuter Benefits.
  3. Select “Commuter Enrollment” to start the ordering process. Depending on the type of commuter product you order, your pass will either be sent to your home address or electronically reloaded each month.

All orders must be placed by the 10th of each month for the following month. For example, the order deadline for the March benefit month is February 10.

Scoop Carpooling Program

Finding an enjoyable and convenient way to get to Synopsys is easy, thanks to our partnership with Scoop. With the Scoop app, you can carpool with coworkers to make better use of your time, improve your wellbeing, and feel energized when you arrive at work.

The Scoop program is currently only available to our employees located in the Bay Area, and offers free carpool rides and backup commutes with Lyft. (NOTE: Per IRS regulation, the amount Synopsys pays for your Scoop ride is considered taxable income to you. Please refer to your paycheck stub if you would like to see how much you are getting taxed.)

To get started, email to receive a registration link for Scoop. Once you receive the email, you will be registering with your

How Scoop makes carpooling work for you:

  • A safe experience every time you choose to commute. Scoop’s Health & Safety guidelines prioritize your safety. All carpoolers are required to abide by these guidelines.
  • A convenient and affordable commute option, whether you choose to ride or drive. Your commute costs shouldn’t break the bank or add unnecessary stress to your day. The benefits of the Synopsys Scoop program mean that:
    • As a rider, all your carpool trips are free.
    • As a driver, you’ll get paid for every trip you take, helping you erase the expenses of your commute, like gas, bridge tolls, and car payments.
    • Either way, you’ll connect with coworkers and reduce traffic by keeping cars off the road.
  • Reliable trips to and from where you need to be. Scoop finds the best door-to-door trip every time you schedule. Matches are determined by whether you’re riding or driving, and the day and time of your trip request. If you schedule as a rider and we can’t find you the ideal carpool, you’ll be eligible for a $20 subsidized Lyft credit to get to work or back home.

Learn more at Scoop or download the app to get started.