Genetic Testing – Color

Color’s confidential genetic testing service helps you better understand your hereditary risks, helping you lead a healthier life. Learn what your genes say about your risk for common cancers and heart conditions, how your body might process certain medications, how your genes influence common traits like lactose intolerance, and much more.

What You'll Get

Color is more than just a genetic test. You’ll receive clinical reports designed to help you and your doctor make better health decisions.

Cancer Screening

A thorough look at certain genes to better guide a screening and prevention plan for hereditary breast, ovarian, uterine, colon, melanoma, pancreatic, stomach, and prostate cancers. 

Hereditary Heart Health Test

A look at certain genes associated with genetic forms of heart disease, such as high cholesterol, that may be evaluated differently from conditions without a genetic cause.

Medication Response Genetic Test

Analysis of certain genes associated with how the body may process certain medications.

Discovery Insights

Insights to help you learn more about common traits that are influenced by your genes, such as lactose intolerance and cilantro preference.

The Process Is Simple

Note: Synopsys is making a limited number of kits available at no cost to the employee.

  1. Claim your Color benefit online, and create an account to request your free kit.  You can request two additional free kits for your family members (18 and over). If you request four or more kits, a credit card will be required.
  2. Provide a saliva sample, and drop your kit in the mail.
  3. Get an email when your results are ready in 3–4 weeks.
  4. Meet with our genetic counselors and clinical pharmacists.
  5. Create a screening and prevention plan with your health care provider.

What Color Provides

Actionable Results

Your results can help you and your doctor create a personalized screening and health management plan.

Personal Guidance

Get complimentary access to Color's board-certified genetic counselors and clinical pharmacists to help you understand your results.

Confidential Information

Color takes privacy very seriously, and your personally identifiable information will not be shared with Synopsys without your consent. You can also learn more about Color and their privacy policy at


Color’s confidential service helps you better understand your hereditary risks, helping you, and possibly your family, lead a healthier life.

Get started by claiming your Color kit. Please use your work email ( when claiming your kit.

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