BrightPlan Financial Wellness Platform

BrightPlan is a digital financial advisor that helps you plan for your financial goals, shows you how to reach them, and lets you track your entire financial life in one easy-to-use digital dashboard. As a Synopsys employee, you and your dependents have access to BrightPlan’s digital planning platform free of charge. In addition, you can meet with a fiduciary financial advisor for objective advice personalized for your best interests.

How BrightPlan Can Help You

With BrightPlan, you and your dependents can:

  • Take the pulse of your financial health. Use the platform to unlock your Financial Wellness Score, which will provide insights on your net worth, your retirement readiness, and your preparedness for life’s unexpected expenses. As you take our recommended steps toward achieving your financial goals, you’ll earn points to boost your score, helping you progress from a Basic Budgeter to a Money Master.
  • Create a custom plan for every goal. Whether it’s your dream car, a downpayment on your first house, retirement savings, or any other financial goal, BrightPlan makes it easy for you to plan and invest for your life goals with customized financial plans, designed in minutes.
  • Get on-demand coaching and Smart Budgeting. The BrightPlan Financial Wellness Coach™ provides you with 24/7 financial advice. Your digital coach will help you generate a Smart Budget and show you how to reach your financial goals. Learn whether you’re appropriately invested for your goals and how much you’re paying in investment fees.
  • Meet with an advisor. Chat with a financial advisor from BrightPlan’s sister company, Plancorp. These advisors are fiduciaries, which means they provide independent and objective advice that’s always in your best interest.

BrightPlan also offers low-cost, automated investing based on a sophisticated, Nobel Prize-winning investment strategy. 

Get Started

Learn more about taking advantage of BrightPlan and other Synopsys financial resources. Then enroll in BrightPlan by visiting the BrightPlan website.

You can also enroll by downloading the BrightPlan app (via the App Store or Google Play) and using your Synopsys email address. Click Welcome, (Your Name) and select Contact Us. If you want to enroll your dependents, choose I want to enroll my spouse and/or dependent children in BrightPlan and enter their names and email addresses. A Client Success Advocate will reach out to get your loved one(s) enrolled.

BrightPlan LLC is an SEC-registered investment adviser that only offers digital investment advice through the BrightPlan application. Plancorp LLC is an affiliated SEC-registered investment adviser. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training nor does it imply endorsement by the SEC. BrightPlan is a trademark of BrightPlan LLC, Plancorp is a registered trademark of Plancorp LLC, both registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Please see BrightPlan's and Plancorp's ADV Brochures for more important information.

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