Health Care Assistance

Health care can be confusing and time-consuming. As a Synopsys employee, you have free access to resources that can make finding doctors, dealing with medical bills, figuring out your prescriptions, and handling other health-care-related tasks a little more manageable.


HealthJoy is a Synopsys-paid health care guidance app that improves your health care experience while helping you and your family save time and money. Download the HealthJoy app and set up your personal account to get the most out of your health care coverage.

Here are just some of the free services that are available to you with on-demand access:

  • An employee benefits wallet
  • 24/7 online medical consultations
  • A team of health care concierges
  • Prescription savings review
  • Medical bill advocacy
  • Help from an artificial-intelligence-powered virtual assistant named JOY

HealthJoy can help you:

  • Find a doctor or specialist
  • Make sure you’re not overpaying on your prescription medications
  • Understand your medical bills
  • Navigate your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account

Watch HealthJoy’s latest videos to learn more about accessing the app and using it to save time and money on your health care.

Get Started

Just follow these steps to get started with HealthJoy:

  1. Download and log in to the HealthJoy app.
  2. Click Sign Up within the app. Sign up using your Synopsys email address. You'll receive an activation email once your identity and plan benefits have been verified.
  3. Create a password of at least eight characters to secure your account and complete the process.

Health Advocate

Health Advocate helps you navigate health care and insurance-related issues. You have access to Personal Health Advocates who will help you cut through the red tape often associated with complex medical conditions and health care in general. The Health Advocate team can:

  • Help with insurance claims and billing issues
  • Locate medical or dental providers that are in your area, who accept your health insurance, and are taking new patients
  • Identify alternative resources for health care related services that might not be covered by your Synopsys health benefits or your parent’s health benefits
  • Assist with senior care issues, including Medicare and related issues for parents and parents-in-law

Get started with Health Advocate by visiting the website or by calling (866) 695-8622.